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26 November 2009 @ 10:06 pm
How do you do?
I returned to my country safely!
This live, thanks to everyone, the dancers and staff the was wonderful
So I wanted to take the time to give you all a really big thanksThank you
This time I was really suprised at how much fun it really was and how enjoyable the live turned out. It was a journey where I never stopped smiling ~ laugh~
I am slowly beginning to speak to people to see if I can have this opportunity again
Well then, since I returned yesterday, I've been running around like crazy since yesterday
I need a vacation soon, but tomorrow there is a live in Fukoka
Since its been a long time since I've been to Hakata, I'm really looking foward to having a good time there.
All the Fukoka addicts, Lets look foward to creating a beautiful time tomorrow

(ps: Happy Thanksgiving Y'all XD)
22 November 2009 @ 11:19 pm
How do you do?

Last night was such a wonderful night!
Everyone truly thank you !
Today from 12 noon to 4pm I did a 4 hour long internet radio interview
(7 company)
Thank you very much
And now I'm in the middle of lunch ~
The staff here are truly wonderful people, we have become really close friends!

(XD Sorry about the really crappy screenshot guys XDD plz excuse my lack of cropping XD )
22 November 2009 @ 06:36 pm
How do you do?

In Washington it is about 9:30 PM
The live show is schedueled to start at 10PM
This show will be a combination of all my bests, It will be the best show ever!
Yui, Ryoshin, Hiroyuki, Kitty and Ayano will participate in making this the best night ever!
Together with you Addicts, we will create a truly beautiful evening together.

I brought a special perfume for tonight as well.
I can't use a lot, just a little bit.
The stage that you stood upon last year,
Your smell will be worn, and I will do my best.
During your last days we talked about how we'd perform in the US together someday.
Please watch over me.

Well! The show will begin soon!

Tonight we'll finish dyeing the roses red.
19 November 2009 @ 03:29 pm
How do you do?

Its getting closer and closer to the time I'll leave for America!
This will be the first time I'll get to perform in the US with dancers!
Loud singing, glamourous dancing, it will be a night of beautful decadance and aesthetics.
American Addicts! Its getting closer and closer to the time when we'll get to meet!
During my stay I'll be updating my twitter a lot!
Check it ok? ;)
well then! I'm going !

30 September 2009 @ 10:33 am

This entry isn't written by kaya its by tromoeri inc to introduce the new items that will be in the shop for fall ~ 
27 September 2009 @ 09:48 pm
How do you do? 
Please forgive me for not writing for a while
SoTomorrow will be the salon concert
And then the day after tomorrow will be Marui san's small garden live
Everyone, by all means please try to come
At tomorrows Salon Concert I will be putting an emphasis on showing my roots
This is a secret concert, so please look foward to it
and also during the waiting time there will be delicious tea and cake you can order

Marui sans garden mini live will be a collaboration with heibi san
However I know this time some of you weren't able to get tickets
I made a hasty decision I hope no one is too upset
I talked with baby-san about this and the limited amount of space at the garden park, and we decided that after the event if you were not able to get in you can meet me at the Alice and the Pirates shop for a meet and greet
Everyone please try to come and meet me

22 September 2009 @ 09:51 pm
How do you do? 

The wind is cool and refreshing with the cloudy sky.
The sense of distance is lost within the cloudy sky, its something I've loved for a long time.
Even though the urge to stare at it is strong
I cannot because the UV rays will hurt my eyes and skin, everyone please be careful and pay attention to that
Well then, yesterday I had a business meeting with Marui san.
A sudden new and interesting decision was made
Tonight I'll make the announcement! Make sure to check my OHP (rose addict) for information on this announcement  please
(For all the addict members there will be information in the mail magazine)
and on the 26th reservations for "Blue Rose Excursion" will be accepted
Please, if room allows do invite people to come with you and try to attend! 
I'll quietly show you my "roots" on this day.
This is a secretive salon concert, so please try to come! 
well now, this week has had so many busy days
I'm fully booked up with plans
I can do thissss.. , Today I'm wearing all Alice and the Pirates! ( ´艸`)
I'll do my best! :: passes out :: 

There are pictures and one is a very ahem hot nice looking pic of kaya in his AandP outfit here http://kaya.fc.yahoo.co.jp/6/  ill put the pics up later however my new laptop .. HATES me and wont let me do ANYTHING and deletes everything i write and UGH  >> so ill fix it from my little old friend who is missing a W XDDD 

And this is the most recent entry ... my friend told me this makes better sense because I take so long that ill never catch up o.o so this is very new and I'll do the backdated things on a day where illustration homework isnt threatening me XDDDD 

Current Music: Lady gaga- wonderful
16 September 2009 @ 03:01 am
Everyone, how do you do?
This is Kaya.
Finally tomorrow is the last day of the tour.
Really, I've gotten to meet so many different people this tour.
The end of summer is like the end of a midsummer night's dream.
A really hot midsummer night dream don't you think?
From Yesterday's live I have a request.

[ What is something you really love? ]
Being able to know everyone, Your voices are my favorite food. (laugh)
Among other things I love your large voices.
So please let me hear your beloved voices from the stage.
Once in a while (When the timing is right) I get consolation from it.
This point is something that can't really be explained.

"You are faster than anyone!" 

This energy does have an end to it. (laugh)
It can be seen at the moment when a song has just ended.
anddd .. who's voice is it that brings my energy back ? I wonder !? (laugh)

[ Out of anyone and everyone, who is the real guest of honor tonight?]

Everyone who participates is really the star of the night! 
No one should feel the distance, They give themselves completely to the sound and I receive their voices.
Sharing this we can create a beautiful moment together.

Traumeri inc's explanation about the after party is here(this is a link on the original XD), The after party will be tomorrow. 
To all of you that go, I hope to meet you and look foward to it! 
At the after party tour goods will be availible for you to buy so please remember to take a look at them!
For the details on the tour goods there is a post by traumeri inc here (link in the original again XD) 

Well then, everyone, I'll see you tomorrow!
Lets meet in a midsummer night's dream,
Reality, Sorrow, anything, lets overcome that with beauty.
I'll be waiting at the stage


( ME TALKING XD - Okay it appears ... that Kaya has forgotten about FC locking his posts, so if he doesn't FC lock I'm not going to member's only lock... its just ... not needed XD And again I apologize for the lack of updates and then my massive updates when I'm trying to avoid something else like my illustration homework tonight ...  I / WILL / catch up ...so expect some more entries coming up, but this is the last one tonight because I have to wake up in ... oh about 3 hours X__X XDDD <3 ) 
16 September 2009 @ 02:44 am
How do you do? 

Its been a while since I updated on here
Everyone, how are you all getting along? 
To everyone that attended the Fukoka live thank you, Truly thank you so much
Did you have fun? 
Kyushu Addicts you guys are really powerful! (This can have various meanings.(laugh) 
I may have been defeated but I will keep on going!
Kyushu addicts, I like your style

And so the performance in Kyushu was ended safely, and for the final show of the tour it is Tokyo ! 
As far as the tour compailation goes from now on I will consider making the shows more linked together.
After today's show there will be an after party! 
Everyone I'd like to invite you, You'll surely come wont you? 

<< This part after is a bunch of info and phone numbers about the venue and how to contact them for the after party etc etc XD >> 

16 September 2009 @ 02:36 am
How do you do?
Finally it is time for the live in Fukoka
I've been working on the compailation and editing of my radio show, and now I am heading towards Saga prefecture
Saga, this will be my first time visiting~ 
Oh by the way in Fukoka and Saga its raining very heavily ……(´д`;)
Everyone, please be careful walking today in the rain (>,<) 
You can read all my "real time" muttering in my Twitter, please go look at it!